We are a company that values diversity in the work environment, supporting respect for ethnicities, gender, age, religion and the lifestyle of each team member. In addition, it also covers a wide diversity in relation to their professional skills and competences.

Sérgio Augusto (Founder & CEO)

30 years of experience in consulting, agencies and executive positions. Digital and business strategist, as well as strategic and entrepreneurial planner. In his long career, he had great experience as marketing director of SKY, Claro and Vivo. Soon after, he became a partner and general manager of OgilvyOne and OgilvyOne Consulting in Brazil. In 2011 he founded iWiin, a social media gamification company. And with all his know-how and entrepreneurial success, he became a partner at iWiin, a marketing agency aimed at Brazilians in the United States, a partner at Sponsor Biz International with marketplaces at Amazon and also a partner at Ogilvy Consulting Brasil.

Acillio Marinello(Project manager, agile coach)

Adriano Assis(Analista Marketing)

Alex Franco(Business Partner)

Your Career at SponsorB:

A career at Sponsorb. offers the opportunity to develop skills and work with talented people, who love what they do, who inspire. We believe in people, value their performance and convert ideas into actions. We see and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development for each of the people who fill our staff. Our team is committed to being an agent of change, just like us. Be part of it too, send your resume and work with us.

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