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    Company: Ogilvy Consulting Brasil - Sponsorb. as a joint venture


    • • Customer Experience: loyalty

    Sponsor, as a joint venture of Ogilvy Consulting Brasil, is ahead of the digital transformation process of Epson brand, delivering all relationships with the sales team, through CRM and strategic designs, and promoting brand recognition and reward in relation to its resellers and business partners.

    Epson and Sponsorb. know that working together with their partners means to offer benefits that allow them to increase their company's profitability.

    With this in mind, Epson Stars emerged, an Epson relationship program that offers exclusive benefits to its partners, bringing advantages for the development of their business. It can be called a B2B loyalty program.


    Epson's advantages program was launched with the objective of building a closer dialogue with its resellers throughout Brazil, that is, the purpose is to create a relationship that ensures advantages by having the reseller as a partner and stimulating their sales and preference for the brand. The biggest differential of this program is to understand the customer's perspective, committing to offer solutions to the real problems of the partners of its products.

    Target Audience

    Epson resellers and business partners: IT resellers, commercial automation, e-commerce, software houses / developers in general and partners providing print outsourcing services, from all over the Brazilian territory, who sell original Epson products and make purchases at official distributors. The registration of the reseller or partner company undergoes a careful evaluation, considering that all the information is complete and true to enable the registration to be validated.


    The idea is that the reseller or partner purchases Epson products from official distributors and converts them into Epson Money, Epson Stars' currency of exchange, being able to exchange them for discounts on a next purchase or in funds to invest and boost his business. Thus, he manages to exchange his points in comprehensive and exclusive ways and also acquires extra strength with cooperative marketing funds to publicize his company and create sales generating actions.

    The types of benefits are available according to the partner category in the program, type of business and product line. The category is a way of differentiating the members of the program. Each category has a billing range to be met and thus has its respective benefits, as follows:

    • • Rebates and discounts for new purchases

    • So that the partner can buy more while paying less. His purchases become Epson Money and he can exchange them for discounts on an upcoming purchase or money to invest in his business.

    • • Cooperative marketing

    • An extra force to publicize the partner company and create sales generating actions. It means being together and present on a daily basis, creating publicity campaigns and generating demand to increase sales.

    • • Customized benefits

    • Epson's full support for the business to develop further. Customized benefits and advantages to maintain the competitiveness of the partner company.


    The reseller or partner must register on theEpson Stars loyalty program website, activate his company and generate his initial classification in the Star category, and then must participate in incentive campaigns or meet the objectives according to his category to receive Epson Money points, which can be exchanged for rebates, cooperative marketing and customized benefits.

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