Customer: Evino

Company: Sponsorb.


  • • Digital Transformation: marketplace and partnerships.

  • • Business Transformation: agile, partner.

Sponsorb's role is to act through our great Best Partnership front, through different bases, always bringing new partners per month to Evino.


  • • Prospecting new customers for Evino e-commerce through partnerships.

  • • Implementation of the agile model, through squads, for the complete marketing operation within Evino.

  • • Customer recurrence.


  • • Boost the partnership channel and consequently leverage revenue for Evino.

  • • Leverage growth for 2020, requiring a more agile and efficient dynamic in the search for results.

Target Audience

  • • B2B - partners focused on e-commerce.

  • • Customers with loyalty potential - YAU (yearly active users), average purchases (12 months).


Study the basis of partnerships already installed and look for new partners with sales potential.

With Sponsorb's know-how, it was determined that the main points for achieving the objective were:

  • • Prospecting, negotiation and development of partners.

  • • Planning of partners that have synergy with Evino.

  • • Presentation of the interest in Evino partnership, assessment of the partner's interest and definitions of its modus operandi: formats, conditions, deadlines etc.

  • • Performance with Sponsorb. networking and expertise to obtain the best conditions for EVINO proposal in a lasting partnership.

  • • Mapping of Evino's current activities and processes: commercial planning and partnerships, marketing, content and brand, design, channels (media and CRM), brandformance activities, SAC, Tech and BI to apply the ideal squad model to the objectives.

  • • Opportunities for work fronts with a prioritization matrix.


Sponsorb. has a great implementation and support role in the management of partnerships, in addition to support in the preparation of Evino offers and definition of redemption channels (website and stores).

Sponsorb's complete support. is present in the entire partnership process, being applied before, during and after contracting:

  • • Presentation for partner evaluation and monitoring of the approval or review process.

  • • Elaboration of activity schedules.

  • • Implementation in the platform of points and/or benefits, including in the testing phase.

  • • Preparation of regulations and reports for monitoring sales, points and routing for payments.

  • • Creation of an annual calendar of opportunities and special actions to leverage results and obtain greater brand visibility.

  • • Specialized team focused on partnerships with Evino.

  • • New definition cycle of benefits, approval, implementation, tests, communication and reports.

  • • Sponsorb. as an advisor for the co-creation Workshop contemplating: result of pre-work mapping, Sponsorb’s reference cases, collaborative Design Thinking for the design of squads and their respective OKRs.


Sponsorb. brought a total of 14 contracted partners, generating sales record in Evino's e-commerce in April and May 2020.

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