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    • • Digital Transformation: e-commerce, marketplace, social commerce, omnichannel, digital channels.

    • • Customer Experience: CRM, personas, journey, loyalty, MGM.

    • • Data Driven: CRM, Big Data, Cockpit, performance, machine learning, artificial intelligence, segmentation.

    • • Business Transformation: agile, coach, gamification, partner, business organization, sourcing.

    Sponsorb. works hard to support Natura in its digital transformation, implementing agile organization, innovation through ownership, multichannel models, competence development in CRM, digital marketing and the development of partnerships / marketplaces.

    Rede Natura was masterfully created through this great partner. It is a relationship channel with the brand's Beauty Consultants and also an online shopping space for our digital consumers.


    Natura has invested in the sales model since 1969. This is how the brand achieved great market penetration. This business model allowed Natura to consolidate itself, bringing its customers a high level of personalized service and the company's greatest competitive advantage: the relationship between the brand (with consultants) and its customers. However, with the emergence of the digital age, the need for transformation was seen and in 2014 Natura had to build a strategy that merged its existing structure with an online sales process and a modern service:

    • • Sell directly to the consumer without compromising the relationship with the consultants, transmitting to online sales the entire relationship culture already narrowed by the brand.

    • • Maintain the level of proximity to consumers, created with such care by consultants (direct sales team).


    • • Multichannelity, that is, the need to expand sales channels beyond traditional direct sales and thus reach new customer profiles, with the same relationship already strengthened by the brand.

    • • Understanding and relationship with the Final Consumer.

    • • Digitalization and engagement of Consultants.

    Target Audience

    Old and new Natura customers, in addition to reaching mainly the digital age public.


    • • Implementation of proprietary and innovative multichannel models.

    • • Developing competence in CRM and Digital for Brazil and obtaining an expansion of the model applied to Latin America.

    • • Development of B2B partnerships.

    • • Complete digital transformation through agile methodologies and implementation of SQUADs.

    • • Creation of a channel with the concept of not only being an e-commerce, but strengthening the relationship with consultants.

    • • Specification of the technological structure.

    • • Sales team growth plan.

    • • Structuring of CX, UX, UI and mind map of the new application.

    • • Centralized logistics project with stock model stations.

    • • Planning to attract new consumers.

    • • Consumer conversion planning within the website and application, including performance media.

    • • Upsell, retention, win-back and customer loyalty activation plan.


    Consultants have their spaces and they operate as an associative market or e-commerce. Each consultant has his store with the products he wants to provide, in addition to a direct contact channel with the customer, in which one can ask questions online. The consumer can only buy from one of these consultants, but delivery is made directly by Natura, and the system distributes the payment. Instead of "betraying" its business partners, Natura chose to insert them into the new process.

    The consumer's advantages are the choice of payment methods and shorter waiting times..

    In other words, the advantages with Natura Network are plural, for everyone: the consultant has his own Internet sales, his own space. And customers buy easily and securely, with more payment options and fast delivery made directly by Natura.

Ebit Award - Best e-commerce store in 2018

Natura Network was elected the best e-commerce in Brazil by the Ebit Best E-commerce Award 2018 and took home the blue diamond, the biggest award of the event. For the third consecutive time, it also received recognition as “Loja Mais Querida” (Most Popular Store) of the Brazilian e-commerce in the Cosmetics and Perfumery category.

Ebit recognizes, on an annual basis, online stores that stand out in the market through technical evaluation, according to the responses of consumers to the Ebit survey and by popular vote, in the “Lojas mais Queridas” category.

“This Blue Diamond represents an enormous recognition of Natura Network, a classification of excellence that shows us that we are on the right path, maintaining the characteristic of selling through relationships, strengthening our network of consultants and consumers, but reaffirming the commitment to honor the values that have brought us this achievement”, says Murillo Boccia, Natura's Digital Business Director.

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