Customer: Smiles

Company: Sponsorb.


  • • Digital Transformation: digital channels.

  • • Customer Experience: journey, loyalty.

  • • Business Transformation: agile, business organization, sourcing.

Sponsorb. has the role of advising Smiles on its main competitive fronts in the market, whether leveraging the sale of airline tickets, improving the customer experience in navigation, reformulating digital, promotional and institutional marketing, actively participating in the construction of branding and personas or applying agile and squad methodology.

Sponsorb. has a committed, highly trained and specific team in each squad within Smiles to comply with the essence of our DNA, to go further.


The general objective of Sponsorb's work with Smiles is to improve its sales channels, improve the complete user experience in an omnichannel way and generate greater traffic of people and conversion of sales on all fronts of the company, that is, throughout the entire journey of the Smiles traveler.


Smiles APP:

Transform the old Smiles APP into a more intuitive, modern and easy-to-navigate APP, bringing more users to this channel.

Smiles Club:

1. Exalt the advantages and benefits of belonging to the Smiles Club, making the subscriber see value in his monthly fees.

  • 2. • Create a unique concept for the Smiles Day Club, permeating for all subsequent years and reinforcing the date as Smiles' owner.

  • • Leverage Smiles Club' subscriptions exceeding the previous year's target (2018).

  • • Stimulate the adhesion of new plans (20,000 and 25,000 miles).

  • • Increase the number of product redemption on all fronts of the company.

  • • Position Smiles Club as the best loyalty program in Brazil.

Smiles Credit Card:

Double the number of Smiles Credit Card purchases.

Smiles Educational Platform:

Make Smiles' educational platform more intuitive, modern and easy to navigate, consequently bringing more access to content.

Target Audience

Smiles’ customers already registered and new users, generating new leads.


Smiles APP:

Creation of a new Smiles APP focusing on the user experience.

Smiles Club:

1. Creation of a personalized and exclusive area on the Smiles website where subscribers could see all the advantages of belonging to the Smiles Club, in addition to information about their subscription, monthly accruals and examples of miles use.

2. Use the traveler's journey as the theme of all the Smiles Day Club pieces, dividing the campaign into phases: teaser, heats up (pre-event) and official action date.

Smiles Credit Card:

Include the offer to purchase the Smiles Credit Card in the new Smiles APP.

Smiles Educational Platform:

Redesign the "Te Levo de Milhas" channel on Youtube with new frames and presentation formats and all the navigation and layout of "Dicas Smiles" pages.


APP Smiles:

  • • Qualitative research

  • • Benchmark

  • • Hypothesis validations with UI / UX tests

  • • Taxonomy of all menus in the new APP

Smiles Club:

1. Layouts for desk and mobile portal were developed in a fluid and easy-to-understand manner, with well-distributed information and clear benefits. The area has become totally exclusive, being possible to access only through the Smiles number of the Smiles Club subscriber.

2. Layout composed by the interpretation of the traveler's journey (airplane windows, airport signs, boarding tickets, etc.) divided by stages of disclosure, the first of which is to arouse curiosity, the second to support and launch new plans and, finally, aggressive communication focused on earning miles exclusively for Smiles Club.

Smiles Credit Card:

With a clean and intuitive layout, the user is able to request his Smiles credit card through the application and read all the order information with the benefits of the chosen card. In addition to being directed to a pre-approved credit screen after ordering, thus making browsing faster and more complete for Smiles customers.

Smiles Educational Platform:

  • • Inclusion of educational videos directly on the platform.

  • • Interaction with a new Smiles destination map making it possible to visually and percentually know how many places in the world the user has already visited, with the inclusion of share buttons on social networks.

  • • Smart itinerary searcher for Brazil and the world flown by Smiles.

  • • Inclusion of Mr. Smiles ambassador blog with his travel experiences.

  • • Reformulation of the itineraries planned by the influencers “Viajo logo Existo”.

  • • New texts on the loyalty market and didactic content on accumulation and redemption.

  • • Testimonials from Smiles customers.

  • • Possibility to browse the entire educational platform listening to Smiles playlists on Spotify.


Smiles APP:

More than 1 million downloads of Smiles APP reached after the reformulation.

Smiles Club:

  • 1. The exclusive Smiles Club area was aired in the last semester of 2019 and in its first month it had a total of 150 thousand accesses.

  • 2. • Airline ticket redemption goal exceeded.

  • • 16% more Smiles Club subscriptions compared to the previous year's target.

  • • 27% more credit cards requested than in the previous year's campaign.

  • • exceeded the 2018 target by 29% on hotel reservations and 30% on car rentals.

Smiles Credit Card:

Total of 26,040 acquisition interests in 2 months after page inclusion in the APP.

Smiles Educational Platform:

More than 1 million accesses on the new platform.

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