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Practicing social responsibility is an essential value for Sponsorb. We respect human beings with priority and we believe in the importance of sustainable actions in the corporate environment.

We are based on a legitimate sense of responsibility towards the community as a whole. Our duty to society goes beyond the field of business: we have a deep need to give a true social proportion to all our activities.


Sponsorb. supports the 10x10 Challenge and is responsible for the entire digital communication platform for the cause. Today, thousands of people are starving with the coronavirus crisis, and with that in mind, we need quick solutions to combat this crisis. This is where the idea that involves artists, young people and many organizations arose to come together in a fun and digital campaign, to raise funds against hunger. Conceived by the urban planner and award-winning specialist in transforming cooperative games Edgard Gouveia Júnior, together with Edu Lyra (Gerando Falcões), the objective of the campaign is to encourage 10 million young people to change the world (or part of it), helping 10 million people. With the power of commotion of all tribes: artists, influencers, sportsmen, gamers, fans, universities and many others, they will pump social networks, encouraging a battle of the tribes. Through social networks, each tribe needs to mobilize its followers to participate in the battle, making donations. Each tribe has a personalized page on the campaign's landing page and a QR code. Donations from this tribe will be counted on a scoreboard and every donation will count towards the battle. All donations have been transformed into food tickets, which will be distributed to thousands of families in low-income communities for 3 months. Food tickets will be distributed in partnership with the NGO Gerando Falcões, CUFA and União BR and the project will be audited by KPMG. Sponsorb. is part of the communication and dissemination team within this project and has the great task of communicating in a precise and encouraging way on the cause's digital platform, helping thousands of people. Be part of this very important and necessary campaign for our country:

You will also be enchanted by this incredible project:


A botanical-literary expedition with the Atlantic Rainforest trees for Sponsorb’s friends in support of the SOS Mata Atlântica initiative. The mission of Natu Contos is to create playful and original content about the universe of nature and offer a fun outdoor activity to be done together with family or educators, encouraging the use of time in a sociable, creative and healthy way. Through the expedition, on guided tours, children and adults discover children's tales in trees of different species and can reconnect with nature. All stories are produced by a team of award-winning authors of children's literature, such as our project director, Andrea Pelagagi, and narrated by important voices of Brazilian music, such as Lenine and Ney Matogrosso. Supporting this initiative and taking our team of partners to participate in such an enriching project is a fundamental task. Together, we want to contribute to a closer contact with nature, especially when we talk about the next generation. We see and understand the value of life and environmental preservation, so we always seek to extend our range of activities, through partnerships and cultural and environmental supports that value this type of purpose.

You will also be enchanted by this incredible project:

Finalist in the ICT category of the Brasil Criativo 2019 award

Download the Natu Contos APP and embark on this adventure too


Born in 2014, the Floresta Sponsor project is a partnership between Sponsorb. and the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica. Through this project, we have already presented employees, customers and friends with more than 500 tree seedlings to make the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the most important Brazilian forests, continue to grow. Reforestation is essential to recover degraded areas, reintroducing the original native species to promote the balance of the local ecosystem. Sponsorb. cares about life inside and outside the work environment, so we encourage the replanting of forests that brings back hope for a better future for all of us, for our climate and for all biodiversity. We care to be a part of it and thus have customers who are also committed to playing their fundamental role for the environment.

Area in restocking process - jul/18

Seedlings in development - jul/18

Saguaragi fruiting - jul/18

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